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Want a website of your own? Want to be in control? Not sure of all the jargon? Don't want to spend lots of money?

It is easier and cheaper than you think when I help you achieve your goals. An effective website is achievable at minimal cost. My services range from full website development and maintenance to simply acting as your coach as you do it yourself to achieve great results. Wherever you are I am here to help you succeed.

Web Design

The philosophy is to keep websites clean and simple so they function effectively yet comply with latest Responsive Website Standards. I do not use Flash, frames pages or anything else that could adversely effect the efficiency or Search Engine ranking of your website. Keep it simple, concise and full of relevant carefully worded content. Your visitors will like it and so will the Search Engines.

Web Coaching

Want to be in control? Stay in the driver's seat and learn as you go. From web development, Search Engine Optimisation, to the ongoing updates and maintenance; I coach you every step of the way. Whether it's developing a website from scratch or overhauling your existing site, you will be in total control with this coaching service. I provide you with tips and assistance every step of the way.

Web Coaching is provided in person, by telephone, email, Skype or online chat. So it doesn't matter where you live in the world I am here to help you.

Graphic Design

Need a company logo? Want effective graphics on your site that get the attention of visitors? I design graphics that are appropriate and appealing for your site. Also provided is advice and coaching for people that like to design their own.

Website Hosting

Not sure where to host your website? Many people choose to host their sites with a company in their local town or suburb. This is often an expensive decision as there are often many better deals if you are prepared to look worldwide. A site can be hosted anywhere in the world, but services and costs do vary greatly. I provide recommendations for what is best for you and will assist in every step of the process.

Search Engine Optimisation

Is your website missing out on valuable Internet traffic? Would you like a Page One ranking on the most popular Search Engines? Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most critical factors in establishing a successful website.

This can be achieved for minimal cost and without spending money on advertising campaigns. Let me review your site's performance and provide advice and assistance to develop your website so that it out performs the competition. Every website developed has achieved a top ranking without paying for advertising campaigns. Yes, that's right! A #1 search engine ranking can be achieved without spending money!

Support and Service

The service does not stop once the initial work has been done and the website is launched. Your success is my success. I provide whatever help and assistance you require to keep your website alive and effective.

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