Many thanks Tim for all the work you have put into the website. It has worked (generated) so much business (& we don't have to pay rent for a shop!).
All the best.

Betty Johnston - Hall ACT
www.houseoftartans.com.au - Australian Tartan Suppliers

Quite frankly Tim has been terrific. I have had a number of websites built over several decades and for the most part messed around by people, hard to get a hold of, slow to complete etc.
With Tim it has been the opposite. Great service, good feedback, easy to work with and gets the job done. He has just completed my 2nd website, and soon I will ask Tim to do a third, so if you are looking to build a website I would highly recommend Tim

Colin Soper - Townsville Qld
www.virtualgastricbandtownsville.com - Gastric Band Hypnotherapy
www.quitsmokingtownsville.com - Quit Smoking Specialists - Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes

The website looks fantastic and I'm singing your praises from the roof tops. I have high expectations of myself and therefore others and all I can say is that you've far excelled my personal expectations. I'm also delighted with the speedy work you've done. You've helped me have a really happy experience of having a website built - after all the procrastination and internal pain I've caused myself for the last 2 years you've squashed that in a minute!!

Sara Dobson - Bramston Beach Qld
www.iquit4life.com.au - I Quit 4 Life - Quit Cigarettes in 60 minutes

Well, it's all not as difficult as I thought! Thanks for showing me that 'I can do it'! Now I can confidently make the necessary changes to my website!

Lisa - Woodvale WA
www.idescend.com.au - I Descend - Family Research Assistance